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Often windows are the last thing homeowners think about replacing in a home. If they are not broken, upgrades are often put off until absolutely necessary. Replacement windows can create a big difference in a home, however. New windows are energy-efficient and help lower your energy costs. They also reduce outside noise, improve your privacy, and offer peace of mind of knowing they are functioning properly. If you’re ready to replace your existing windows, the Ireland Contracting, LLC team will help you choose the right windows for your property.

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficiency

If you have ever stood near your windows on a colder evening or a hot day and felt the air coming through, it’s time for a window replacement. Feeling the air exchange with your windows shut means that your HVAC system has to work even harder to replenish the lost temperatures. This increases your overall energy output to compensate for the lost heating and cooling. As energy costs continue to rise, ensuring that your home is energy efficient is more important than ever.

Ireland Contracting can replace all window styles, including:

Single Hung Windows


Double Hung Windows


Slider Windows


Casement Windows


Awning Windows


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and

Picture Windows


Custom Windows

Custom and

Pella Window Contractor

We are proud to be a Pella Window contractor and feel their products truly stand the test of time. Known for their high-quality products and innovation by homeowners around the country, Pella Windows has become a trusted name in the industry. They stand behind their products and offer strong warranties to prove it.

Pella Windows



Skylights are a great way to allow natural light to fill a room. When placed throughout the home, skylights can aid in energy efficiency and help to lower your energy costs by reducing the need to turn on lights. 

It is important to make sure your skylights are installed correctly and properly maintained. If done correctly, a skylight won’t leak or cause damage to your roof. Skylights that are installed improperly in your home could be prone to leaks, unwanted air exchanges, rotting roof boards, and more. You can trust Ireland Contracting to install your new skylight with the precision and accuracy needed. We guarantee it.

Sun Tunnels

If a skylight doesn’t work for your roof based on your home’s attic and other obstacles, consider a sun tunnel. A sun tunnel uses an adaptable reflection tube that will direct sunlight from your roof to the rooms of your choice. It’s a great way to get natural light into a room where a skylight cannot be used.

Sun Tunnels
Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Roof windows add a great aesthetic to any upper-level room. These large windows allow plenty of natural light and fresh air into your room. Roof windows are a very energy-efficient way to combine architectural elements with energy savings. 

We partnered with the Velux corporation for all of our skylight, sun tunnel, and roofing window needs. Their products are known to be the best in the industry.

When you require a window replacement, look no further than Ireland Contracting, LLC!

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